Can’t stop loving you

My Love (SK),


Love is an eternal feeling. For you my affection is an eternity. You are an offish because I am an idiot savant. With millions of stars as azure is incomplete without moon, me too incomplete without you. With all the colours as the flower is incomplete without fragrance, me too incomplete without you. You are my beloved. I don’t want to loose you at any cost but everything is not in my hands because I don’t know, you love me or not. Like an idiot and a stupid I am sending you letters and letters. You may think I am evildoer but I can’t stop loving you due to following belief:

“फ़ासला दो नज़रों का धोख़ा भी तो हो सकता है
वह मिले या न मिले हाथ बढ़ाकर देखो…”*

“distance between two hearts may be just an illusion
go ahead and propose, rest leave on the luck…”^

Yours Truly

शायिर: विनय प्रजापति ‘नज़र’
*यह शे’र बशीर बद्र (Bashir Badr) का है

By Vinay Prajapati

Vinay Prajapati 'Nazar' is a Hindi-Urdu poet who belongs to city of tahzeeb Lucknow. By profession he is a fashion technocrat and alumni of India's premier fashion institute 'NIFT'.

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