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I’m deserted with dreams

I’m deserted with dreams to feel the thirst
And trying to find all your best

I did each n’ every time what you wanted
But baby you were blind to count it

You did all the things well, except one
You couldn’t understand my comprehension

I love you truly more than my life
In this world you’re the one of my type

Here is my longing baby, where are you?
Everyday I’m crying blood to get you

Some uncertain things are to be happen
Baby, If we’re going set ourselves frozen

Please please don’t go away don’t be apart
You are from where myself gets start

I want you to get on to happiness
Without you here I am left breathless

frozen: unfriendly

Words by: Vinay Prajapati
Penned: 2004

By Vinay Prajapati

Vinay Prajapati 'Nazar' is a Hindi-Urdu poet who belongs to city of tahzeeb Lucknow. By profession he is a fashion technocrat and alumni of India's premier fashion institute 'NIFT'.

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