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Strung out of love

From last two days
I’m strung out of love
n’ sketching my reverie…
A poet is haunting my soul
Dousing all my dreams
n’ sipping my cup of coffee…

My words may be trite
But I’m not here to fight
This isn’t a philosophy…
I’ve a sinking brain
that always thinks in vain
One can find it empty…

Every time you plant new idea
n’ put it as a heteronym
My head is not nursery…
I’m selfish self-centered
n’ stitched with eccentricity
Rest things are secondary…

These two eyes are crying
Tears are volatile n’ dying
But it’s not your victory…
This heart is fragile
You may not understand
Because you’re in foolery…

Words by: Vinay Prajapati
Penned: 2006

By Vinay Prajapati

Vinay Prajapati 'Nazar' is a Hindi-Urdu poet who belongs to city of tahzeeb Lucknow. By profession he is a fashion technocrat and alumni of India's premier fashion institute 'NIFT'.

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