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I’m not software

I’m not software
To use that you can crack
I’m strong enough
Can hold this earth on my back

You supposed yourself genius
But you are not
By your side love is cold
Yet for me it’s hot

We both know the reason
Why tears are hideaway
You can’t hide all
Turn your face to mine

You can quit this game
Anytime for any reason
Just think about me
Think about your obsession

Go to hell, die in own
I can’t say this all to you
You can’t runaway from here
Turn your face to mine

You’re a computer expert
You can uninstall all damage
I’m not error of your life
That you can try to troubleshoot

I’m not blind
I can see all that you hide
All the pain, all the hate
Turn your face to mine

Words by: Vinay Prajapati
Penned: 2006

By Vinay Prajapati

Vinay Prajapati 'Nazar' is a Hindi-Urdu poet who belongs to city of tahzeeb Lucknow. By profession he is a fashion technocrat and alumni of India's premier fashion institute 'NIFT'.

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