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Making myself busy

I’ve heard, you’re in love
Is this true? It’s fabulous
I’m asking because I’m surprised
Don’t think, I’m jealous

It’s your destiny, It’s your luck
You got your ultimate man
But always keep it in your mind
From where it was all begun

I’m happy, you’re still friend of mine
But friendship can come in-between any time
So go faraway from me how can you go
Leave me as it is, who am I?

Time is changing, ooh! accept it
You can try but can’t reject it
I am telling you, I’m fine, I’m okay
But how can I okay, damn it!

I am making myself busy to forget you
But still coming closer to you
I am learning how to bear pain
And it’s all appear going in vain

Words: Vinay Prajapati
Penned: 2006-2007

By Vinay Prajapati

Vinay Prajapati 'Nazar' is a Hindi-Urdu poet who belongs to city of tahzeeb Lucknow. By profession he is a fashion technocrat and alumni of India's premier fashion institute 'NIFT'.

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